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Greg and Angela George are natives of Colorado. Their love for ranching and farming began with the stories of their great-grandparents.


Angela's great-grandparents farmed and ranched 2,400 acres in Anton Chico, New Mexico, raising sheep and cattle. Their subsistence way of life inspired Angela to get back to her roots and raise her family with the same values and respect for the land. Her fascination with nutrition and the environmental impacts on health has inspired her to continue her education studying the gut microbiome and nutrition. Angela is a Certified Health Coach, specializing in areas of autoimmune disease, gut health, and nutrition. 


Greg's great-grandparents migrated to Colorado from Ireland and Germany with dreams to own their own land. They homesteaded east of Colorado Springs near Edison. Raising livestock and farming the land allowed them to live a subsistence way of life. After receiving a degree from the Colorado School of Mines with an emphasis in Environmental Engineering, Greg knows the importance of biosystem conservation and incorporates those principles to ranching. 













"We have six children, Christopher, Lyric, Garret, Hailey, Josh, and Hannah.  I often think what kind of future our children and their children will have if we continue, as a society, treating our land and the food the way we have. We want to make a change and it is our passion and desire to leave them a future with land, soil, and water safe of poisons. We want to change the way our generation transformed the land and the food we consume, back to how God intended it, not the  scientists!" 


                                                                             Angela and Greg George                                                                                                                                                                       


It is our mission to produce healthy, affordable beef and produce that is free from chemicals or GMO's. Food in its purest form!


We work very hard to maintain the best environmental practices possible that we hold as an example of our efforts to farm and ranch in a sustainable and responsible way.


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