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       We understand the value of eating natural and healthy so we take a practical approach to naturally grow our produce. In our small-scale garden, we offer produce grown from certified organic seed. We never use pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and other tools that have become synonymous with high-yield agriculture. Instead, we depend on raising animals for manure, growing beans, clover, or other nitrogen-fixing legumes, or making compost and other natural sources of fertilizer that cannot be manufactured chemically. 

       We balance soil enrichment, cover crops, beneficial habitat, and crop rotation to ensure soil fertility and control weeds and pests. It is our hope that we can benefit the health of our environment and the health of those who enjoy our harvest! 








      Our full season program runs for 22 weeks from July through November. Produce is picked fresh from our fields and greenhouse, washed, boxed up, and delivered to your pick-up location every week. All produce is picked 24 hours prior to delivery!





We will offer packages to choose from depending on what is in season. Once you have selected a package, a pick-up point will be esstablished based on your location. Payment can be made online or pay upon delivery.


You may choose to custmize your package at anytime. We ask you place the order two days prior to delivery. 



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